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Compaq Laptop CD DVD Drives for Notebook Computers

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Laptop Optical Drive: DVD+/-RW Super Multi Double Layer optical drive - With LightScribe; 12.7mm Serial ATA (SATA) fixed
Laptop Optical Drive: DVD±RW and CD-RW SuperMulti Double-Layer combination optical drive - Includes rear optical drive bracket but does not include optical drive cable or cable bracket
Laptop Optical Drive: Drive : DVD-ROM drive - 4X-max speed
Laptop Optical Drive: Drive : DVD-ROM drive - 4X-max speed
Laptop Optical Drive: CD-ROM Drive 24X
Laptop Optical Drive: Drive : 24X Max CD-ROM Drive
Laptop Optical Drive: 4X Max DVD-ROM Drive
Laptop Optical Drive: Drive : DVD-ROM drive - 4X-max read speed (2C)
Laptop Optical Drive: Drive : DVD-ROM drive 4x-max read - Includes interface connector

Read and write speeds for Compaq laptop CD DVD drives can reach 48x with DVDs capable of a speeds of up to 24x. Many devices have the ability to write on dual-layer DVDs as well, and record dual layer media at a speed of up to 8x. Dual layer discs for Compaq laptop CD DVD drives hold over twice the data that can be stored on standard DVD discs and have 2 recordable layers. They can write up to 8.5 GB per layer and the discs are also capable of Hi-Definition media.

Blu-Ray compatible Compaq notebook CD DVD drives have a standard capacity of up to 50 GB, and are formatted to accommodate a professional Hi-Definition experience. Dual layer Blu-Ray discs are even more expansive and can hold a total of 100 GB per disc. Blu-Ray Compaq laptop CD DVD drives have also become standard in most high-end notebooks and are still capable of reading/writing basic media discs.

Another convenient feature for high-end Compaq laptop CD DVD drives is LightScribe, a CD-labeling technology. LightScribe creates unique, laser etched cover art, right into the face of compatible media. Compaq laptop CD DVD drives with LightScribe capabilities create these customized labels with a chemical reaction that transforms the desired disc when it is exposed to infrared radiation.

There are also a variety of external Compaq laptop CD DVD drives available and they provide a plethora of speeds, features, and Hi-Speed interfacing. Many devices support flash media such as Memory Stick PRO, Memory Stick PRO Duo, and CompactFlash Drives. External Compaq laptop CD DVD drives may also feature FireWire400, FireWire800, and SuperSpeed USB 3.0 connectivity. USB 3.0 is entirely backwards compatible and has a transfer rate of up to 5.0 Gbps.

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