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Compaq Professional-Workstation-AlphaStation AP200 (126349-292) Computer Parts

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234556-001 Compaq Computer Batteries: Backup RTC
Part #: 234556-001
Laptop RTC Battery: Battery : 3.0V internal lithium battery - 200mAh (type CR2032) - For the real time clock (RTC)
Factory Direct   $12.17
Alternate Part Numbers:
234556-001, 1420-0356
166922001 Compaq Computer Fans
Part #: 166922001
Fan assembly - 92mm x 92mm x 25mm thick fan with thermistor two wire 12.7cm (5.0in) long cable and finger guard - 10.5V to 12.6V DC operating voltage 61.8CFM
Refurbished   $38.18
Alternate Part Numbers:
320662-001 Compaq Computer Hard Drives
Part #: 320662-001
10.0GB IDE hard drive - 5400 RPM 3.5-inch form factor 1.0-inch high
Refurbished   $59.88
269513-001 Compaq Computer Keyboards
Part #: 269513-001
PS/2 Windows enhanced keyboard assembly (Opal White) - Has attached 2.4M (8ft) cable with Violet 6-pin mini-DIN connector (United States)
Refurbished   $45.45
Alternate Part Numbers:
269513-001, 166514-001
317606-001 Compaq Computer Network Interface (NIC)
Part #: 317606-001
NC3120 Ethernet LAN 10Base-T / 100Base-TX network interface card (NIC) - Has one external RJ-45 connector and three activity LEDs - Requires one PCI slot
Factory Direct   $24.14
Alternate Part Numbers:
121258-001 Compaq Computer Power Cords
Part #: 121258-001
Power cord (Storm Gray) - 18AWG 1.8m (5.9ft) long - Has straight (F) C13 receptacle (for 120V in the United States and Canada)
Refurbished   $20.00
Alternate Part Numbers:
167029-001 Compaq Computer Speakers
Part #: 167029-001
Speaker assembly - Includes a 50mm x 90mm speaker on a mounting plate with a 495mm (19.5in) cable assembly and four mounting screws - 8 Ohm 5 Watts
Refurbished   $26.00
Alternate Part Numbers:
110940-001 Compaq Computer System Boards
Part #: 110940-001
System board - Main board in the workstation (with 100MHz front side bus) - For 500MHz processors - Does not include the processor assembly
Refurbished   $119.95
Alternate Part Numbers:
146535-001 Compaq Computer Video, Sound and Other Cards
Part #: 146535-001
ELSA GLoria Synergy II AGP 4X graphics board - Has 32MB DDR SDRAM 300MHz RAMDAC and one 15-pin VGA monitor output connector - Requires one AGP slot
Factory Direct   CALL
Refurbished   $30.00
Alternate Part Numbers:
146140-001 Compaq Computer Video, Sound and Other Cards
Part #: 146140-001
ELSA Synergy II single display AGP 4X graphics card - Has 32MB DDR SDRAM and one 15-pin VGA monitor output connector - With ATX and PCB I/O bracket
Refurbished   $115.38
Alternate Part Numbers:
146140-001, 146535-001
243230-002 Compaq Computer Miscellaneous
Part #: 243230-002
Floppy drive mounting tray adapter - Includes the 3.5-inch to 5.25-inch adapter tray with Opal White drive bezel, five 6-32 x 0.187-inch long mounting screws, and two 6-32 shoulder head rail screws
Factory Direct   CALL
Alternate Part Numbers:
174831-001 Compaq Computer Miscellaneous
Part #: 174831-001
Compaq NC3123 10/100BaseT Fast Ethernet PCI network interface card (NIC) with Wake on LAN (WOL) and Preboot Execution Environment (PXE) - Has two rear panel LEDs (link/activity and 100BaseTX) and one RJ-45 (F) connector - Occupies one PCI slot
Factory Direct   $44.99
Refurbished   $3.33
Alternate Part Numbers:
297511-001 Compaq Computer Miscellaneous
Part #: 297511-001
SCSI drive cable - 68-pin Wide SCSI cable with four drive connectors and terminator 86.4cm (34in) overall length
Refurbished   $20.00
Alternate Part Numbers:
166974-001 Compaq Computer Miscellaneous
Part #: 166974-001
Wake on LAN cable - 3-conductors 25.4cm (10in) long
Refurbished   $20.00
Alternate Part Numbers:
179261-001 Compaq Computer Miscellaneous
Part #: 179261-001
Adaptec Ultra Wide SCSI controller PCI board (AHA-2940UW) - Has one 68-pin high density and one 50-pin internal connector and one external 68-pin high density connector
Refurbished   $24.00
Alternate Part Numbers:
327600-001 Compaq Computer Miscellaneous
Part #: 327600-001
4MB SGRAM DIMM memory module - For the ELSA GLoria Synergy+ AGP graphics controller board - Uprades the standard 4MB to 8MB of total on-board memory
Refurbished   $28.00
Alternate Part Numbers:
609250-001 Compaq Computer Miscellaneous
Part #: 609250-001
HP PS2 optical; scroll wheel mouse (BFR-PVC free)
Factory Direct   $30.71
Alternate Part Numbers:
609250-001, C4728-60101
247485-001 Compaq Computer Miscellaneous
Part #: 247485-001
LED cable assembly - two-pin (F) to four-pin (F) 22.9cm (9in) long - For showing SCSI drive activity
Refurbished   $34.00
Alternate Part Numbers:
327599-001 Compaq Computer Miscellaneous
Part #: 327599-001
ELSA GLoria Synergy+ AGP graphics board - Has 4MB SGRAM (can be upgrded to 8MB) 250MHz RAMDAC and one 15-pin VGA monitor output connector - Requires one AGP slot
Factory Direct   $46.76
Alternate Part Numbers:
166973-001 Compaq Computer Miscellaneous
Part #: 166973-001
6.4GB IDE hard drive - 5400 RPM 3.5-inch form factor 1.0-inch high
Refurbished   $51.92
Alternate Part Numbers:
330520-001 Compaq Computer Miscellaneous
Part #: 330520-001
10GB IDE hard drive - 7200 RPM 3.5-inch form factor 1.0-inch high
Refurbished   $58.33
Alternate Part Numbers:

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