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Compaq Presario 8000T (264235-999) Computer Parts

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197799-001 Compaq Computer Hard Drives
Part #: 197799-001
20.0GB SMART III Ultra ATA/100 IDE hard drive - 5400 RPM 3.5-inch form factor Quiet Seek
Factory Direct   $64.07
Alternate Part Numbers:
197799-001, 197799-006
248877-001 Compaq Computer Hard Drives
Part #: 248877-001
120GB UltraDMA hard drive - 7200 RPM 3.5-inch form factor
Factory Direct   $72.43
Alternate Part Numbers:
248877-001, 248877-002
237122-004 Compaq Computer Memory
Part #: 237122-004
256MB 266MHz PC2100 DDR-SDRAM DIMM memory
Refurbished   $10.00
Alternate Part Numbers:
237122-004, 237122-002
237121001 Compaq Computer Memory
Part #: 237121001
128MB 266MHz PC2100 DDR-SDRAM DIMM memory
Refurbished   $40.00
Alternate Part Numbers:
257526-001 Compaq Computer Memory
Part #: 257526-001
512MB 266MHz PC2100 DDR-SDRAM DIMM memory
Factory Direct   $148.20
Exchange   $187.20
Alternate Part Numbers:
257526-001, 257526-004, 257526-002
254864-001 Compaq Computer Video, Sound and Other Cards
Part #: 254864-001
AGP graphics card - Nvidia GeForce3 Ti200 NV20 64MB with TV Out (LC SDR)
Refurbished   $68.33
Alternate Part Numbers:
254863-001 Compaq Computer Miscellaneous
Part #: 254863-001
AGP graphics card - Nvidia GeForce3 Ti500 NV20 64MB SDRAM - With S-video TV output
Refurbished   $24.00
Alternate Part Numbers:
252609-001 Compaq Computer Miscellaneous
Part #: 252609-001
PCI slot expansion board - Adds two additional PCI slots to the computer
Refurbished   $28.00
Alternate Part Numbers:
252609-001, 252609-005
263480-001 Compaq Computer Miscellaneous
Part #: 263480-001
AGP graphics card - Nvidia GeForce2 MX200 NV11 64MB SDRAM 4X AGP 350MHz RAMDAC - With S-video TV output
Refurbished   $51.67
Alternate Part Numbers:
232173-001 Compaq Computer Miscellaneous
Part #: 232173-001
Laptop Miscellaneous: PS/2 wireless scrolling mouse (Logitech) - Includes mouse receiver with attached cable and two alkaline batteries (Quartz color)
Refurbished   $52.73
Alternate Part Numbers:
232173-001, 232173-002

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