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Compaq Presario R3203US (PF964AS) Laptop Parts and Repair for Notebook Computers

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360699-001 Compaq Laptop AC Adapters
Part #: 360699-001
Laptop AC Adapter: 18.5 Volts; 120 Watts; 6.5 Amps; 5.5mm x 2.5mm Connector; Power cord included
Factory Direct   CALL
Alternate Part Numbers:
FNACC10K Compaq Laptop AC Adapters
Part #: FNACC10K
Laptop AC Adapter: 19 Volts, 120 Watts, 6.3 Amps, 5.5mm x 2.5mm Connector, Power cord included
Compatible   $24.95
Alternate Part Numbers:
ACC10K, 317188-001, 316687001, 316687002, 316687003, 316688001, 316688002, 316688003, 309241-001, 310925001, 317188-001, 344895-001, 347438-001, 350221-001, 350775-001, 370998001, DC687A, DC687AABA, DC790A, F1454A, F1781A, F4814A, OW120F13, HPOW121F13, PA112102H, PA112112H, DR912A
B-5705 Compaq Laptop Batteries
Part #: B-5705
Laptop Main Battery: Lithium-Ion, 14.8 Volts, 4000 mAh, Rectangular eight cell battery with seven slit-type contacts on top. Our battery includes two bay cover. NOTE: IF YOUR NOTEBOOK SHIPPED WITHA 12 CELL (5400-6600 mAh) BATTERY, THIS BATTERY MAY NOT BE COMPATIBLE.
Compatible   $89.95
Alternate Part Numbers:
B-5705, 346970-001, 371913-001, 378859-001
KTH-ZD7000-512 Compaq Laptop Memory
Part #: KTH-ZD7000-512
Laptop Memory: Laptop memory module: 512MB, PC2700 333Mhz, DDR SDRAM, SO DIMM 200 pin
Compatible   $29.95
Alternate Part Numbers:
350236-001 Compaq Laptop Memory
Part #: 350236-001
Laptop Memory: Memory (DIMM) : 256MB 333MHz 200-pin PC2700 Small Outline Dual In-Line Memory Module (SODIMM)
Refurbished   $50.00
Alternate Part Numbers:
370495-001 Compaq Laptop Motherboards
Part #: 370495-001
Laptop Motherboard: PC Board : System board (motherboard) - Full-featured with IEEE 1394 and integrated 5-in-1 Digital Media Slot - Integrated nVidia GeForce4 graphics controller with 32MB or 64MB DDR discrete memory
Refurbished   $260.00
Alternate Part Numbers:
360684001 Compaq Laptop Miscellaneous
Part #: 360684001
Laptop Miscellaneous: Thermal Pad : Thermal heatsink module
Refurbished   $15.00
Alternate Part Numbers:
350818-001 Compaq Laptop Miscellaneous
Part #: 350818-001
Laptop Miscellaneous: Plastics Kit : Plastics cover kit - Contains strip covers IEEE-1394 bezel heat sink hard drive memory module compartment and battery covers as well as PC card slot space saver and notebook feet
Factory Direct   $25.84
Alternate Part Numbers:
347436-001 Compaq Laptop Miscellaneous
Part #: 347436-001
Laptop Miscellaneous: Hardware Kit : Plastics kit - Includes front case rear cover base enclosure base plate
Factory Direct   $29.24
Alternate Part Numbers:
350786-001 Compaq Laptop Miscellaneous
Part #: 350786-001
Laptop Miscellaneous: Enclosure : Base enclosure (chassis bottom)
Refurbished   $45.45
Alternate Part Numbers:
350828-001 Compaq Laptop Miscellaneous
Part #: 350828-001
Laptop Miscellaneous: Cage : PCMCIA card socket cage
Refurbished   $135.38
Alternate Part Numbers:
381312-001 Compaq Laptop Miscellaneous
Part #: 381312-001
Laptop Miscellaneous: Bracket : LCD mounting bracket - Includes left and right brackets and hinges
Factory Direct   $196.09
Alternate Part Numbers:

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