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Dell Latitude D630 Laptop Parts and Repair for Notebook Computers

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FNACC27H Dell Laptop AC Adapters
Part #: FNACC27H
Laptop AC Adapter: 19.5 Volts, 90 Watts, 4.62 Amps, 7.4mm x 5mm Connector, Power cord included
Compatible   $21.95
Alternate Part Numbers:
ACC27H, PA10, AA22850, 3103399, F7970, 05U092, 9T215, 3102862, 7W104, 310399, 09T215, 5U092, C2894, PA190004, KT190, 330-2763, PC531, 310-2860, NF642, 310-9439, XD802, 310-9438, CF989, 310-7712, C440H, 330-2140, PA-12
B-5831 Dell Laptop Batteries
Part #: B-5831
Laptop Main Battery: Lithium-Ion, 11.1 Volts, 4600 mAh, 6 Cells
Compatible   $73.53
Alternate Part Numbers:
B-5831, 312-0383, JD634
JD634 Dell Laptop Batteries
Part #: JD634
Laptop Main Battery: Lithium-Ion, 11.1 Volts, 6600 mAh, Rectangular shaped battery with nine slit type contacts on the bottom.
Compatible   $32.95
Alternate Part Numbers:
B-5852, JD634, 312-0383
DL6200LR Dell Laptop Batteries
Part #: DL6200LR
Laptop Main Battery: Lithium-Ion, 11.1 Volts, 8800 mAh, 12 Cell (Silver Grey)
Compatible   $42.95
Alternate Part Numbers:
B-5831, 312-0393, 312-0394, 312-0401, 312-0402, 451-10308, 451-10309, 451-10326, 451-10327
B-5831L Dell Laptop Batteries
Part #: B-5831L
Laptop Main Battery: Lithium-Ion, 14.8 Volts, 2600 mAh, 4-Cell, black
Compatible   $46.88
Alternate Part Numbers:
AA-C27H Dell Laptop DC Power Adapters
Part #: AA-C27H
Laptop DC Power Adapter: 18 TO 20 Volt Auto/Air Adapter with Power Cord
Compatible   $55.63
Alternate Part Numbers:
KTD-INSP6000B-1G Dell Laptop Memory
Part #: KTD-INSP6000B-1G
Laptop Memory: Laptop memory module: 1GB, PC2-5300 667Mhz, DDR2 SDRAM, SO DIMM 200 pin
Compatible   $42.95
Alternate Part Numbers:
KAC-MEME/512, A0612536, A0618359, A0631773, A0631777, A0631778, A0631780, A0634776, A0643526, A0647422, A0655407, A0656180, A1669626, A1669628, A1837314
KTD-INSP6000B-2G Dell Laptop Memory
Part #: KTD-INSP6000B-2G
Laptop Memory: Laptop memory module: 2GB, PC2-5300 667Mhz, DDR2 SDRAM, SO DIMM 200 pin
Compatible   $75.95
Alternate Part Numbers:
M3264A30, A0643480, A0643528, A0655397, A0655398, A0655400, A0655411, A0656181, A0740455, A1669625, A1669627, A1837308

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