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HP Computer Processors CPU

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Processor : Intel Xeon 5130 Dual Core processor - 2.0GHz (Woodcrest 1333MHz front side bus 4MB Level-2 cache LGA771 socket) - Includes thermal grease and alcohol pad
Voltage regulator module 8.4 (VRM, Delta 05S2020U1) - 5VDC input, 2.8VDC output, 17A - For Pentium III processors 533MHz and faster (Coppermine processors only)
PIII 733/133 S1 256 ALL
Intel Pentium III processor option kit - 800MHz (256K Level-2 cache; FCPGA)
Processor : Intel Pentium III processor - 1.26GHz (Tualatin 133MHz front side bus 512KB Level-2 cache FC-PGA2 Socket 370) - Includes heat sink
Intel Pentium lll P1400 processor option kit - 1.4GHz (512KB Level-2 cache) - Worldwide
Product : ML3xx Pentium III 1133GHz 512KB Flip Chip (FC) PGA processor option kit
Intel Itanium processor - 800MHz (Merced 266MHz front side bus) - Includes heat sink
Processor Upgrade : Intel Xeon processor upgrade kit - Includes a 2.40GHz (Prestonia 400MHz front side bus 512KB ATC cache PPGA-INT3 socket 603-pin) processor VRM (Voltage Regulator Module) and heatsink

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