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HP Laptop AC Adapters and Power Supply for Notebook Computers

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Laptop AC Adapter: 19 Volts, 90 Watts, 4.74 Amps, 7.4mm x 5mm Connector, Power cord included
Laptop AC Adapter: 18.5 Volts, 65 Watts, 3.5 Amps, 7.4mm x 5mm Connector, Power cord included
Laptop AC Adapter: 18.5 Volts, 65 Watts, 3.5 Amps, 4.8mm x 1.7mm Connector, Power cord included
Laptop AC Adapter: 19 Volts, 90 Watts, 4.74 Amps, 5.5mm x 2.5mm Connector, Power cord included
Laptop AC Adapter: 19 Volts, 120 Watts, 6.31 Amps, 7.4mm x 5mm Connector, Power cord included.
AC Smart power adapter (65 watt) - Non-power factor correcting (NPFC) - Requires separate 3-wire AC power cord with C5 connector
Laptop AC Adapter: 19.5 Volts, 90 Watts, 4.62 Amps. Power cord not included.
AC power adapter (30 watt) - Non power factor correction (NPFC) technology - Requires a separate 3-pin AC power cord NS RA
Laptop AC Adapter: 18.5 Volts, 90 Watts, 4.9 Amps, 4.8mm x 1.7mm Connector. Power cord included for factory and compatible, not included for refurbished.

HP has provided some of the most recognizable laptop lines in business computers, including its ProBook series, its Pavilion series, and its EliteBook series. HP laptop AC adapters are among the most high-quality laptop parts available today. HP's laptop AC adapters are built from rugged plastic to withstand the trials of daily use and travel. Connecting cables are thick enough to withstand abuse, but light enough to remain portable, and are reinforced at any bending points to prevent wear and tear. Power cords are generally removable for greater portability, and include a 3-prong grounded plug for added safety.

Modern HP laptop AC adapters range in wattage output from 65 watts up to 180 watts, depending on the power requirements of the laptop and battery. Some of HP's smaller more portable Netbooks, the Mini-1000 use a 30 Watt notebook AC adapter. Connector cables have various sizes and shapes of tips to prevent adapters from being plugged into incompatible laptops. This can cause damage to both the laptop and the ac adapter. For this reason, it is extremely important to ensure you find a compatible replacement laptop AC adapter specific to your HP laptop model.

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