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HP Laptop Power Inverters - LCD Inverter Units for Notebook Computers

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Laptop Power Inverter: Display inverter board
Laptop Power Inverter: Display panel power inverter circuit board
Laptop Power Inverter: INVERTER
Laptop Power Inverter: PC Board (Interface) : Display inverter board - For use with Pavilion zv5000/zx5000 series
Laptop Power Inverter: SPS-INVERTOR 15.4
Laptop Power Inverter: Inverter : Display panel power inverter - For 15.4-inch LCD panels
Laptop Power Inverter: Inverter : Display panel power inverter - For 15.4-inch LCD panels
Laptop Power Inverter: Inverter : Display panel power inverter - For dual lamp displays
Laptop Power Inverter: Inverter : Display panel power inverter board (8-20VDC)

One of the most common problems indicating that a HP laptop power inverter needs replaced, is the random flickering or black-out of the screen. The laptop may boot-up as usual, but after a small period of time, it becomes blank. If the HP laptop power inverter has malfunctioned, the image should still be visible on the screen but only when using a flashlight. Often users are able to turn the backlight back on by gently tapping on the close switch of the lid. Another warning sign that the HP laptop power inverter has begun to malfunction is the emission of a faint buzzing noise coming from the inverter board.

HP laptop power inverters are thin component boards that often require the least amount of voltage in the notebook. More powerful units are also available and need a higher voltage to maintain a well-lit display. HP laptop power inverters power a single fluorescent bulb that requires the most amount of continuous power in the device. Without the additional voltage through the HP laptop power inverters, it would not be possible to see the image that appears on the screen.

The control options for the HP notebook power inverter output adjusts how dim or bright the screen appears. They may also feature an automatic-sleep function, saving battery power and the life of the LCD screen. HP notebook power inverters are equipped with an internal sensor used to detect the brightness of a room and reduce the power output accordingly. The component is mounted close to the screen and backlight lamp, keeping the connector wires short. Some HP notebooks may not have a HP notebook power inverter and instead have a white LED lamp that receives its power directly from the motherboard.

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