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Laptop DC Power Adapters and Power Supply replacement parts for Notebook Computers

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IBM-Lenovo - 41R4510
Laptop DC Power Adapter: AC/DC ADAPTER, 90W - Does not include DC or AC Power Cords.
HP - 605364-001
IBM-Lenovo - 03X6253
Laptop DC Power Adapter: AC/DC ADPATER 90W COMBO
IBM-Lenovo - 03X6254
Laptop DC Power Adapter: AC/DC ADPATER 90W SLIM
IBM-Lenovo - 40Y7656
Laptop DC Power Adapter: AC/DC Combo Adapter: 90 Watts
IBM-Lenovo - 41R0140
Laptop DC Power Adapter: AC/DC ADAPTER, 90W SLIM
IBM-Lenovo - 41R4400
Laptop DC Power Adapter: AC/DC ADAPTER, 90W COMBO
Panasonic - AA-B10
Laptop DC Power Adapter: Auto/Air Combo Adapters 15 TO 17 Volt (Not OEM)
Dell - AA-B10
Laptop DC Power Adapter: Auto/Air Combo Adapters 15 TO 17 Volt Auto/Air Adapter

Universal laptop DC power adapters are compatible with most devices, and have interchangeable tips to accommodate each different plug style. A universal unit accepts inputs of 100V-240V, 47-63Hz, permitting usage anywhere in the world. The standard input voltage for universal notebook DC power adapters is 12-16V, with a rated current of 0.5 Amps. The output voltages DC are 15-24V, 15V, 16V, 18V, and 19V at 4 Amps. Universal laptop DC power adapters can also be adjusted to output levels of 20V, 22V, and 24V at 3 Amps.

Many notebook DC power adapters are EPA Energy Star compliant, as well as CE Certified. They feature Output short circuit protection, and Under-Voltage/Over-Voltage protection. Laptop DC adapters also have an internal temperature-limit cut-off, with automatic-reset, returning conditions to normal after it has been cut-off. They are GREEN and Eco-Friendly, with the ability to be recycled instead of disposed. An Eco-friendly laptop DC power adapter can reduce one’s carbon footprint, with a lower level CO2 emission than standard devices.

A notebook DC power adapter can increase the mobility of the notebook, and provide high efficiency, with low energy consumption. The adjustable output voltage complies with the requirements of various notebooks, all fitting to a single cigarette lighter socket. The laptop DC power adapter's plug may not appear to be connected, if it is being used for the first time, or has not been used for an extended period of time. It will then need to be disconnected, and reconnected, to begin charging the notebook. Eco-friendly notebook DC adapters must be disposed of properly when no longer usable, and should be recycled whenever possible. Various companies and laptop repair centers offer recycling programs, with paid postage and credit toward a future purchase.

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