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Laptop Floppy Drives for Notebook Computers

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HP-Compaq - 135233-001
Laptop Floppy Drive: Drive : 1.44MB 3.5in floppy disk drive (Carbon Black)
Compaq - 213560-001
Laptop Floppy Drive: Drive : 1.44MB Diskette Drive
Compaq - 220808-001
Laptop Floppy Drive: Drive : 1.44MB 3.5-inch floppy disk drive
HP - 455174-001
Laptop Floppy Drive: SPS-DRV USB FLASH 1GB Key
HP-Compaq - 455174-001
Laptop Floppy Drive: SPS-DRV USB FLASH 1GB Key
IBM-Lenovo - 05K8874
Laptop Floppy Drive: DISKETTE DRIVE
IBM-Lenovo - 05K8874
Laptop Floppy Drive: DISKETTE DRIVE
IBM-Lenovo - 05K8957
Laptop Floppy Drive: FDD W/BEZEL
IBM-Lenovo - 05K9157
Laptop Floppy Drive: FDD TEAC

USB laptop floppy drives are Plug-and-Play compliant, and are automatically recognized by the notebook as soon as the device is connected. Besides their lightweight and compact design, standard units feature "Hot Plug" installation, permitting users to connect and disconnect, without restarting the device. Laptop floppy drives read and write to a 3.5" floppy disk, with 720K/1.44MB Windows-based and 1.4MB Macintosh formats. Notebook floppy drives are also convenient, and are capable of interfacing with most computers.

A laptop floppy drive is the ideal removable storage device for low-sized-document organization. Many devices are uniquely designed to be host powered, eliminating the need for an alternative power source. They can also be directly connected to any PC or Mac computer that has a USB port. Installations, upgrades, and read/writing are all executed directly from the computer, and the laptop floppy drive both reads and writes to all forms of formatted floppy disks. Most notebooks are no longer equipped with an internal notebook floppy drive, and have now begun to use larger capacity media drives.

Millions of users have maintained their use and need for laptop floppy drives for their easy to use small data exchange. The devices are also optimal for small backups and archiving. Notebook floppy drives are compatible with almost every device, and comply with the Plug-and-Play standards of most current computers. USB laptop floppy drives are designed for maximum flexibility with a compact enclosure to save the most amount of space possible. Standard Units have a data transfer rate of 62.5 Kbps, and require only the power supplied by the USB bus. The average seek/access speed is estimated at 120 ms, and disks have a maximum capacity of up to 1.44 MB.

If you feel you do not have the technical skills to replace your laptop's floppy drive, there are many laptop repair services that can be employed to do so.

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