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Laptop Power Inverters - LCD Inverter Units for Notebook Computers

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Toshiba - A000048370
Laptop Power Inverter: FL INVERTER
HP - 494001-001
Laptop Power Inverter: Display inverter board - For use in models with an LCD display - Includes Mylar shield
HP-Compaq - 494001-001
Laptop Power Inverter: Display inverter board - For use in models with an LCD display - Includes Mylar shield
Compaq - 577278-001
Laptop Power Inverter: LCD panel power inverter
Toshiba - P000503070
Laptop Power Inverter: FL INVERTER
Toshiba - V000133160
Laptop Power Inverter: FL INVERTER
IBM-Lenovo - 27K9972
Laptop Power Inverter: INVERTER, 14.1
IBM-Lenovo - 42W7997
Laptop Power Inverter: INVERTER CARD
Compaq - 431391-001
Laptop Power Inverter: Inverter : Display panel power inverter - For use with single lamp display panel

The average laptop inverter emits a fairly high voltage, ranging from 500 V up to 700 V. They also produce a very low radio-frequency, of about 35 KHz and 60 KHz. Laptop inverters are small, narrow circuit boards, located behind the LCD screen of the computer. They are encased within the framework of the screen display, and are not visible unless the entire enclosure is dismantled. A laptop power inverter provides power to the light that is used to illuminate the LCD screen.

To light the LCD screen lamp, laptop LCD inverters use the direct power from the motherboard and convert it into higher voltage power. Notebook inverters vary in general appearance, but all maintain a thin, strip-like, design with one or more inputs for the LCD screen and motherboard unit. Many notebook power inverters utilize a specially formulated metal-coating. Some are coated in a colored plastic, and others use a heat-shrink, black vinyl to coat the device.

The compact size of a standard laptop inverter allows for the LCD screen and enclosure of the notebook to maintain a sleek and thin design. The unit also eliminates the need for a separate external power source for both the motherboard and LCD screen. Laptop inverters can be identified in a variety of different ways, and are also called FL inverters, LCD inverters, DC inverters, power inverters, screen inverters and back-light inverters. Each name is an alternative to refer to standard laptop inverters, and can be used interchangeably.

In the event that the notebook's LCD screen suddenly becomes dimmed for an extended period of time, or the screen begins to flicker intermittently, the malfunction of the notebook inverter may be the problem. In most cases, the problem can be fixed by restarting the notebook, but this will be an inconvenience until the internal laptop power inverter is replaced.

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