Identifing Your Hard Drive Type

WARNING:  Having the correct model number of your laptop is NOT sufficient to correctly identify a replacement laptop hard drive that will be compatible with your laptop.  In order to properly identify a compatible replacement, you will need to either check your laptop manual, OR remove your hard drive to verify the size and connection interface of your hard drive.  Please see our images below to assist in collecting this information.
If you can correctly identify your connection interface and the size profile of your hard drive, ANY hard drive meeting these specifications should be an acceptable compatible replacement for your current hard drive.
For assistance identifying your hard drive type, please call us at 1-877-253-8898.

Laptop Hard Drive Connectors (Interface)
There are two different types of hard drive connectors used in laptops, SATA and IDE / EIDE (44 pin) connectors.  Please compare the images below to your hard drive to correctly identify the connector type.  Once you have identified the connector type, check the descriptions of our hard drives to make sure you are selecting the correct connector.  If the description says in bold letters: "For SATA laptops only", then your connector type is a SATA connector type.  ALL OTHER connector interface types are IDE-type, 44 pin connectors.
SATA Connector IDE / EIDE Connector

Laptop Hard Drive Size
There are two different sizes of hard drives used in laptops, 2.5" and 1.8".  This measurement is the diameter of the internal platters that the information is stored on, please see the images below to make sure you have the correct approach to measuring your drive.
Please note that the 2.5" platter size is the correct size for most standard laptop models.  The 1.8" size will only be compatible with select slim-line, or ultra-portable notebooks, including the Sony Vaio PCG TR, VGN T, VGN TX Series, Toshiba Portege 2000, 2010, R100, R200 Series, and Toshiba Libretto U100 Series models.
If you have a slim-line laptop model that has a 1.8" hard drive, you will also have to check the manufacturer of the hard drive to ensure that your connector is located in the right spot on the drive.  If your hard drive is a Hitachi 1.8" model with a side-mounted connector, you will need to replace it with a Hitachi hard drive.   Otherwise, you will need to replace it with a top-mount 1.8" (non-Hitachi) hard drive model.  Please see images below.
2.5" Platter Size

*Dimensions shown are approximate
1.8" Platter Size
Standard 1.8" Drive: The standard 1.8" drive has the connector at the top of the drive. Hitachi 1.8" Drive: The Hitachi 1.8" drive has the connector on the side of the drive and is specific to Hitachi applications.
*Dimensions shown are approximate

*Dimensions shown are approximate
*Note: These two types of 1.8" drives are not interchangable, please be certain of the location of the connector before purchasing.