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P000538800 - Toshiba Laptop AC Adapters View Larger

P000538800 - Toshiba Laptop AC Adapters

Laptop AC Adapter: 19 Volts, 75 Watts, 3.95 Amps, 5.5mm x 2.5mm Connector, Power cord included
Type:  Factory Direct
Price:   $33.85
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Type:  Compatible
Price:   $19.95
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Compatible Part Numbers:
P000538800, ACC10, A000001200, A000001210, A000007020, A000007030, A000014020, A000014040, A000048110, A000048130, H000001220, H000001240, H000004400, H000004410, H000009310, H000012020, K000000550, K000004120, K000005050, K000019570, K000025320, K000027270, K000029300, K000032420, K000032580, K000040250, K000040270, K000040290, K000040460, K000041670, K000042840, K000043680, K000076320, K000076330, K000076360, K000076370, K000680790, K000811230, K000823170, K000834170, K000883020, PA3032U-1ACA, PA3097U-1ACA, PA3396U-1ACA, PA3467U-1ACA, PA3468U-1ACA, V000055210, V000055400, V000061300, V000061310, V000061690, V000061700, V000121020, V000150390, V000180640, V000180650, V000180680, V000180690, A000024810, A000024820, H000016360, H000016410, K000043490, H000012030, K000099620, V000230360, A000075170, P000532210, P000536670, PA3468U-1ACA, PA3468U, PA3468E-1ACA, PA3468E, PA3432U-1ACA, PA3432U-1AC3, PA3432E-1ACA, PA3432E-1AC3, PA3380U-1ACA, PA3380E-1ACA, PA3714U-1ACA

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