Common Symptoms of a Bad Laptop Keyboard

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Laptop keyboards, like any input device on your machine, take the most beating out of anything on your computer. With all the wear and tear they face, it isn’t uncommon to experience some issues with your keyboard. Below are some commonly experienced problems users face.

If your computer doesn’t recognize your keyboard, you should first check your connection. A damaged cable or connector could be causing input from your keyboard not to be relayed to your machine. Check for the lights on your keyboard, for example the Caps Lock button, and see if those are functional as well. If they light up, your keyboard is at least able to draw power from your machine, however there may be a hardware issue with your keyboard that is preventing it from relaying keystrokes.

As laptop keyboards go bad, oftentimes keys will begin to stick causing erroneous characters to be typed. This is often from something being spilled into the keyboard or if the rubber rings that keep your keys in place have worn or broken. In either event you may need to replace the entire laptop keyboard. This is less of a problem in so-called "chiclet style" keyboard such as the Sony laptop keyboards found in their VAIO line of notebook computers as there is very little gap between the keys for foreign matter to get in. If keys are routinely sticky, or get stuck in the pressed position, a full keyboard cleaning is usually your first course of action. If this doesn’t remedy or improve the situation, you may need to get a new keyboard from a reputable online laptop parts dealer. Most keyboards are easily replaced by the end user; however some keyboards require more skill and are better left to an authorized laptop repair center.

Sometimes, keyboard will partially fail. For example if your laptop keyboard involves the use of multimedia buttons, or partial touch interface (i.e. the track pad, or touch buttons for volume control and display), these individual components can fail, though the rest of your keyboard remains functional. For these types of issues you are best off contacting a laptop repair shop for further assistance, as some of these components may actually be software dependent, or require more delicate repairs.


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