How to fix a loose AC Adapter Port on a Sony VPC-F Series Laptop

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When the AC adapter port on your Sony VPC-F Series laptop is loose, the AC adapter will often move around, making charging intermittent. Very rarely, the problem could be the adapter itself, and you can find a replacement on the laptop AC adapters’ page of our site. More often, the solution is to replace the DC-in jack which holds that AC adapter in place. Luckily, this is a fairly straightforward laptop repair that you can perform yourself with a little experience and some preparation.

First, you will need a replacement part. Visit the Sony laptop parts page of our website to find the right replacement for your model. Once you have your part, follow the steps below to perform the replacement.

1. Start by powering down the laptop, disconnecting all cables (including the AC adapter) and removing the battery. This reduces any risk of electric shock.

2. Close the lid and flip the laptop over to access the bottom of the machine. Remove the six screws in the top two corners, the two screws inside the battery compartment, and the two screws below and to the right of the compartment.

3. Flip the laptop over and open the lid. Remove the plastic bezel above the keyboard by gently prying it upward with a guitar pick or other thin piece of plastic.

4. Remove the keyboard by sliding it up and flipping it toward you. The keyboard is connected to the Sony laptop system board by a ribbon cable, so you will need to disconnect the cable before removing the keyboard completely.

5. Locate the DC-in jack at the top left of the machine. Remove the screw holding it in place and gently pull it out. Disconnect the cable connecting it to the system board.

6. Connect the cable of the replacement part to the system board and put the jack in place. Replace the screw to secure it to the chassis.

7. Reverse the instructions to reassemble the laptop.

Now you can power up the laptop and test the new jack by plugging in your AC adapter. If the laptop appears to be recharging properly, you are finished with your laptop repair.


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