How to repair the LCD Screen on the Compaq CQ62 Series

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If you are having trouble with the LCD screen on your Compaq CQ62 series laptop, the best option may be to replace it. Before replacing, try a few troubleshooting steps such as reseating the memory sticks and checking brightness settings. If you still have a display problem you will need a compatible replacement part.

Visit the Compaq laptop LCDs and displays section of our website to find a part that is compatible with your specific model. You may also find the laptop LCD screens repair section helpful. Once you have your part, follow the steps below.

1. Before starting any laptop repair, you should shut down the laptop, disconnect all cables, including the AC adapter, and remove the battery.

2. Open the lid and open the screen as far as possible. This will give you the best access for the next step.

3. Remove the two rubber screw covers at the bottom of the screen bezel by prying them up with a thin piece of plastic and remove the screws hidden behind the covers.

4. Pry the edges of the bezel with a thin piece of plastic such as a guitar pick to release and remove the bezel. Be gentle to avoid breaking the bezel.

5. Remove the eight screws that secure the screen in place and disconnect the cable. Remove the screen.

6. Put the new screen in place and secure it with the 8 screws. Reconnect the cable.

You can now reverse the above instructions to reassemble your laptop. Replace the battery and reconnect the AC adapter, and test that the new screen is working. If you are still having display problems, it could be that you need to replace the display’s power inverter or the laptop’s memory. Visit our on-line store to find these replacement parts or any other upgrades.


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