How to tell if a laser printer has a bad fuser

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How to tell if a laser printer has a bad fuser

The fuser in a printer is the part that applies heat and pressure once the toner has been added to the paper. It then fuses the toner to the paper so that it will be more durable and stay in place. There are often a few warning signs that a fuser may be failing and need to be replaced. Here are some of the most common signs of a bad fuser.

Error Codes

If the printer is malfunctioning, it may show an error code on the display. Check the printer’s manual for a listing of the error codes and the meaning of each. In some cases, the manual will not only describe the type of problem the error code describes, but also the resolution. If the error code relates to a bad heater element, thermal fuse, or thermistor, consider replacing the fuser.

Ghosting and Double Images

If you notice a double image on the page, or repeated images, sometimes appearing as “ghosting” where the repeated image is lighter than the original, the problem is likely a bad fuser. Consider replacing the fuser with a new one.

Streaking or Lines

Streaking and lines along the page can sometimes be related to the fuser, but can also be caused by rollers that have become worn. In some cases, the rollers may be part of the fuser unit. Replacing the fuser may then solve the problem.

Paper Jams

Most paper jams are caused by problems with rollers, but if the rollers are part of a larger fuser unit, replacing the entire fuser unit may correct the problem. Try following any troubleshooting steps in the printer’s manual before replacement to try and narrow down the problem.

The printer fuser is one of the most important parts of any laser printer, but it is susceptible to problems from time to time. If you have any of the conditions listed above, consider ordering a replacement from a reputable reseller and replacing the fuser to resolve the issue.