How to upgrade the Laptop Memory on the Toshiba Satellite A105

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Upgrading the memory in your Toshiba A105 laptop is one of the least expensive upgrades that you can make yourself, and upgrading the memory is likely to have a noticeable effect on performance and the number of programs that can be run at once, resulting in a better experience.

The first step in upgrading Toshiba laptop memory should be to visit an online laptop parts supplier to find parts that are compatible with your specific model. It is recommended that you upgrade to the maximum amount of memory supported by the laptop, ensuring the best performance. Here are the steps for upgrading the laptop memory in your Toshiba A105.

As with any laptop repair, power down the laptop, unplug the AC power, and remove the battery to reduce the risk of electric shock. Close the lid and turn the laptop over. In the center of the bottom of the laptop is a large panel with a single screw holding it in place. Remove this screw and the plastic panel.

If you are only adding one memory module, you can leave the existing module in place. Otherwise, remove it by gently pulling the retaining clips away from the module. It should pop up slightly. You can then gently lift it at a 45 degree angle. Put the new module or modules in place by lining up the pins and the notch on the bottom of the module with the notch in the slot. Gently insert it at a 45-degree angle, and the press down to lock it into place.

Replace the plastic panel and the single screw, replace the battery and plug in the AC power, then test the laptop to ensure it is working. Check that the full amount of memory is recognized by the operating system.

If everything is working correctly, you have successfully completed this simple laptop repair, and you should now enjoy better performance, and you will find that you can run more programs at once without slowdowns.


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