Toshiba Laptop CD/DVD Drive Replacement

By content at January 16, 2013 14:46
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Toshiba Laptop CD/DVD Drive Replacement

Laptop CD/DVD drives has many moving parts and gets a lot of use during the life of a notebook computer. Unlike most laptop components, laptop CD/DVD drives have parts that are prone to user damages, like the drive tray. This makes them more prone to failure. If your Toshiba laptop CD/DVD drive has begun to exhibit problems or has become damaged, it may be time to replace it. Luckily, replacing an optical drive is one of the more simple tasks to perform, and should be quite manageable for most users.

Since every model is different, it is difficult to give detailed instructions that will cover every situation. The basics are similar for each model, however. For more detailed instructions, you may want to consult a service manual for your Toshiba laptop, which will give instructions specific to your model.

The basic procedure for a Toshiba laptop CD/DVD drive replacement is as follows:

1. Remove the battery and disconnect AC power to avoid the risk of electric shock. It is also recommended that you use an anti-static wrist band when repairing any computer to avoid damaging sensitive components with static electricity. You will also want to remove the battery pack.

2. Some models require you to remove one or two screws securing the optical drive in place. These should be located directly below the drive on the bottom of the laptop. Once these are removed, the optical drive can be slid out.

3. For other models, you must gently pry the plastic strip above the keyboard to remove it. You then need to remove one or two screws securing the keyboard. Gently remove the keyboard and disconnect its cable.

4. At this point, you will have access to the screws holding the CD/DVD drive in place. These screws can be accessed from the top once the keyboard has been removed. Remove these screws and slide the drive out.

5. Slide the replacement drive into place and replace the screws to secure it in place. Be sure to properly engage the drive connector into the main board connector for the drive.

6. Reverse the disassembly instructions to reassemble the laptop and test the drive to ensure it is working properly.

You will most likely want to test the different read and write functions of the drive to confirm your success. If all is working well you can now enjoy your new CD/DVD drive.