Upgrading the Laptop memory on the Sony VAIO VPC-X Series

By content at February 06, 2013 15:28
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Upgrading the Laptop memory on the Sony VAIO VPC-X Series

Is your Sony laptop feeling a bit sluggish lately? Upgrading the memory in your Sony VAIO VPC-X series laptop is one of the best ways to get a noticeable performance boost, and it is usually a very inexpensive upgrade. The best part of upgrading the memory in your VIAO laptop is that it is very easy to do it yourself.

When planning to upgrade your laptop’s memory, first ensure that you have compatible memory by using an online parts locator tool. It is recommended that you install the maximum amount of RAM that your laptop will support to ensure you get the maximum performance boost possible. Once you have your new memory modules, follow these steps to upgrade your laptop’s memory:

1. Power down the laptop and disconnect all cables, including the power cable. Remove the battery pack by releasing the latch and tilting the battery toward you.

2. Close the laptop lid and flip it over to look at the bottom of the machine. Locate the memory access panel, usually located in the center and marked by an arrow. Remove the screw securing the panel in place and remove the panel.

3. You will see the top memory module. Push the two retaining clips out toward each side and the module will tilt up. Gently pull the module out of the slot. Repeat with the second module if necessary.

4. To install the new module, line up the pins and notch with the slot and gently press the module in place, then press down to lock it into place.

5. Replace the access panel and the retaining screw.

Once this is finished, replace the battery, reconnect the power cable, and power up the laptop. Test to ensure that all of the new memory is recognized by the operating system, and you are finished with your upgrade and repair.